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September 28, 2023
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Probotic Signs First Commercial Contract: A New Dawn in Aqua-Robotics

Probotic's Breakthrough in Aqua-Robotics Narvik, Norway - Probotic announces a game-changing moment with its first commercial contract for CLEAN & SAFE FISH PEN NET

Narvik, Norway - September 13, 2023

Innovative Solution to Age-Old Problem

Probotic, a leading name in aqua-robotics, celebrates the signing of its first commercial contract for the service CLEAN & SAFE FISH PEN NETS. This service, powered by an autonomous underwater robot, aims to tackle the persistent issues of fouling and damage to fish nets in the aquaculture industry.

From Marina Experiment to Market Solution

The company's journey began in 2017 with a simple experiment by founder Mikkel Pedersen. He paid his younger brother to manually clean a net pen, proving that regular cleaning could maintain its clean condition over time. "Six years later, we now have a robot that do this job," Pedersen proudly stated.

The Team Behind the Success

Probotic's achievements can be attributed to its dedicated team. Their hard work and expertise have transformed into a commercial solution. "Our team has been the backbone of this journey," emphasized Pedersen.

The Road Ahead

While the details of the new contract remain confidential, Probotic hinted at a multi-year deal involving several systems. Their solution's effectiveness, demonstrated over the summer, has led to this landmark agreement and promises a brighter future for the industry.

Acknowledging Partners and Supporters 

Probotic expressed gratitude to its partners, including Northern Lights Salmon, Gratanglaks, Novasea, and others. Their support has been instrumental in the company's journey.

A Vision for Clean Aquaculture 

Probotic's mission, "Clean Aquaculture", signifies a commitment to a sustainable future. They invite partners to join them in elevating the aquaculture industry to global significance.

Together, we champion a sustainable future in aquaculture.

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