Mikkel Pedersen

CEO and Founder

The founder! Detailed user knowledge.

About me

Mikkel is a nature-loving human being that enjoys life best outdoors. It's almost impossible to have a conversation with Mikkel without him getting into fishing or hunting. Usually, he spends his weekend with some hunt or fisheries. Also, he has hobbies like nature photography, climbing, freeskiing, and free-diving. As you understand, it's all about nature somehow. So maybe it's not so strange that his work-passion is all about doing something good for nature.

Mikkel Pedersen’s experience

Pedersen has extensive experience in the marine sector. Mikkel is the founder of Probotic. For the last seven years, he has specialized in robotic inspection and cleaning solutions for aquaculture. With thousands of hours of piloting ROVs and cleaner robotic, Pedersen represents detailed user knowledge, enabling Probotic to make technology for a clean, sustainable future. His colleagues can affirm that his enthusiasm is highly contagious. Mikkel is a unstoppable work force and his many talents puts us all in awe.

  • Perfectionist in the best possible way
  • Thrives outdoors
  • Super sporty
  • Genuine passion for sustainability

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