Probot is an autonomous underwater drone for fish farmers.

An autonomous underwater drone.

It works like a robotic vacuum cleaner in the fish pens by cleaning and inspecting the nets making aquaculture more sustainable and safe.


Probot is designed for the harshest of conditions enabling carefree ownership and operations in every fjord regardless of location.
Using only the best materials and not compromising on quality the system is prepared for the long run.

Quiet & Discreet

Probot's form and colors match the salmons, seamlessly blending into the environment. The jet-propulsion system is quiet and ensures that the drone doesn't stress the fish.


The drone can "swim" in every axes and direction and have no restrictions regarding the type of fish-pen or tank system. You can deploy Probot in immersed pens and also land-based tank systems.

Live data

Data is transmitted live and can be displayed in real time for daily use. All data is saved and functions as documentation.

Advanced security standards

Security is crucial. We use encrypted dataflows that run on industry leader platforms like AWS, backed by our servers.

Worldwide access

Log in anywhere in the world and se that your farm is doing fine. Webapp can be reached both from desktop and mobile.

The power of AI

AI-powered autonomous steering and detection system that constantly gets improved. All drones gather data that upgrade the system on every single drone.

Data driven

The need for cleaning and inspection can vary from place to place, determent on the exact biological conditions. We can optimize and adapt each drone to give the best performance for each location.


A free-flying drone enables us to solve many unsolved issues in pens. We can search up the fish and do data sampling where it matters.

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