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We are located in Narvik and Trondheim. Keeping it real in the arctic fjords of Northern and Central Norway.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can we get the drones?

We are still testing prototypes, so we still need time to make everything work perfectly. Simultaneously we work on setting up a production line, and the plan is to have the infrastructure for production ready by late 2022. Drones must be long-term tested and reliable, so we don't want to set an exact delivery date. But we will start preorders when we feel the long-term testing is getting good enough.

Do you currently have open positions?

We are expanding our team, and you will find available positions on the page careers. Please feel free to send an open application if you are genuinely committed and want to work with the best team and cutting-edge underwater technology for a cleaner and better future for upcoming generations.

So what's unique with Probotic vs. other ROV manufacturers?

First of all, we design our drones to last for decades. Our engineers have previously built explosion-proof tooling and tech for offshore underwater applications on thousands of meters under the seafloor! We use that competence to design everything to just work! Also, we use materials that are recyclable or reusable. Taking action to ensure our products' circular life, we don't sell anything but rent out our tech, keeping control over every bit and piece. Hardware is one thing, but our heart of the technology is software. Our software team has developed powerful algorithms using data and logic to drive the AI behind the autonomy, not only in the robots but also in the customers' applications. The sum of all this is unique and gives our tech an edge.

What is your data policy?

So every customer owns their data gathered from our equipment. Still, we have a copy of all data collected to improve our products constantly. Also, this works as a safety for our customers, so if they should lose any data, we got them covered. We also need this data to achieve our long-term goal of automating the whole sea stage of fish farming. So basically, all the data goes into our smart databases, enabling future analytics and the use of BIG data. In our contracts, we describe data policies thoroughly.

What are the current features in the roadmap?

So our product roadmap starts with drones for inspection and cleaning of fish farm nets. And we will, over time, address multiple more problems with our tech. Our drones will share the same core electronics, so drones for net inspection and net cleaning will be based on the same platform but can lock differently from the outside. As for now, we will first launch the inspection model, and after that, the cleaning version. All drones will also feature constant environmental data transmission like temperature readings and can carry multiple sensors. The topsides we design will have a lot of functions themselves and address power, camera, sensors, and connectivity on the farms.