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Join us on our journey, and let us together do great things for our future.

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Why working with us?

In Probotic, there is a short way from thought to action. A young, innovative environment with a prosperous professional atmosphere makes the working day inspiring and challenging.

What our team members say?

Greate ambitions and high variety in the work tasks mean that no days are the same. A job at Probotic gives a great degree of freedom but at the same time a great responsibility.

“An amazing place to work”

I'm genuinely honored to work with such talented colleagues. Every week we achieve and celebrate small and huge milestones and analyze our failures.

But honestly, the best part is the free lunch.

Hardware Developer
Tore Landsem

“Starting here freed my mind!“

There is so much space here. Space to follow your passion, unleash your creativity and speak your mind. Mikkel has this unique ability to gather such skilled, driven, and diverse people. I am in awe of my colleagues. What a team they are! Grateful and energized. That is what I feel when I go to work. Every day!"

One person Superoffice
Trine Mosling-Elvebakk

“A tinkers’ paradise“

Having always been interested in how things work, working in an environment where I can do a little bit of everything is amazing. Although I am here as the AI expert, I have also overseen building servers, working on hardware demos, setting up networking interfaces, and much more. During my time here, I have not been reluctant about going to work a single day.

Lasse Sortland, AI developer in Probotic

Open positions

Please follow the instructions for applying. If you can’t find the job you want, we welcome you to send us an open job application.

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