2023-10-04 17:22
October 4, 2023
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Probotic Completes Probot System Installation on first commercial delivery

Probotic installs Probot system, enabling remote aquaculture net management & live monitoring from Narvik and Trondheim, enhancing control in the industry.

Narvik, Norway - October 3, 2023

Successful Deployment of Autonomous Net Cleaner Robot

Probotic has successfully installed the Probot system at a client site, marking a practical application of our aqua-robotic technology in aquaculture. This installation enables the remote monitoring and management of fish pen nets directly from Narvik and Trondheim, providing a technological approach to maintaining a constant clean net.

Live Video and Control Capabilities

The Probot system offers live video and control capabilities, allowing for real-time observation and management of the nets through the robot. This functionality provides a direct visual and operational link to the nets, facilitating immediate response and management from the remote locations.

In the photo, the Probotic team is seen engaging with fish farm specialists, ensuring a thorough understanding of the Probot system's functionalities. This collaborative session revolves around navigating through the user manual and elucidating the practical applications of our robot in maintaining aquaculture nets. Our commitment extends beyond providing technological solutions, as we strive to empower our partners with the knowledge to leverage these advancements towards sustainable aquaculture.

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