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February 14, 2024
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PROBOTIC's Solution to Net Pen Management in Aquaculture

PROBOTIC's PROBOT successfully reduces biofouling in aquaculture nets, offering a sustainable solution for improved fish farming practices.

PROBOTIC's Solution to Net Pen Management in Aquaculture


In an effort to confront the challenges of environmental sustainability and biofouling within aquaculture, PROBOTIC has pioneered the development of the PROBOT, an autonomous underwater vehicle. This technological advancement is designed to address the significant issue of biofouling, which poses a threat to net integrity, fish health, and ecological balance. This article delves into two specific tests conducted in 2023, showcasing the application of PROBOT in maintaining fish net pens cleanliness and its contribution to the sustainability of aquaculture practices.

Test 1: Addressing Hydrozoan Infestation in Impregnated Nets

Background and Methodology

In November 2023, PROBOTIC initiated a commercial service delivery with the Clean Net service for a client operating an impregnated pen net already exhibiting signs of Hydrozoan biofouling. The approach included targeted cleaning tests on sections of the net, accompanied by thorough photographic documentation to facilitate a direct comparison between treated and untreated areas. A subsequent review three months later evaluated the PROBOT's continuous performance.

Results and Implications

Observations from 1 November 2023, illustrated the PROBOT's immediate effectiveness in reducing biofouling, with a follow-up in February 2024 confirming the maintenance of net cleanliness. These findings underscore the PROBOT's ability to provide long-term maintenance, even in the challenging conditions of cold-water winter settings.

NET 1 - Probot 1

Picture above: 2023.11.01 Net condition Net 1. Before Probot operation, showing Hydrozoan biofouling

Picture above: 2024.02.14 - Net Condition Net 1. After first 3 months of use with Probot.

Net 2 - Probot 2

Picture above: 2023.11.01. Net condition Net 2. before starting Probot Operation
Picture above: 2023.11.01. Net Condition Net 2 after initial Probot operation ten times up and down.
Picure above: 2024.02.14. Net Condition Net 2. After 3 months of use with Probot.

Test 2: Preventative Maintenance on Decommissioned, Non-Impregnated Nets

Background and Methodology

A preventative cleaning operation was conducted over the summer of 2023 on a decommissioned, non-impregnated net. This test aimed to demonstrate the PROBOT's capabilities in pre-emptively managing biofouling, underscoring the potential for sustainable fish farming through early intervention.

Results and Implications

The effectiveness of the PROBOT-treated sections compared to the untreated areas was markedly evident by the end of the summer, illustrating the device's significant role in preventing biofouling and fostering healthier aquaculture environments.


The introduction and application of the PROBOT by PROBOTIC mark a pivotal advancement in tackling the challenges of biofouling within aquaculture. Through comprehensive testing on both impregnated and decommissioned nets, the efficacy of the PROBOT in ensuring net cleanliness and promoting sustainable aquaculture practices has been clearly demonstrated. As aquaculture continues to evolve, the adoption of innovative technologies like the PROBOT is crucial for enhancing environmental sustainability and improving fish health across global ecosystems.

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