We’re on a mission to automate aquaculture

Much is uncertain about the future, but we know we will need more food. And the food we eat needs to be made increasingly more sustainable. Farmed salmon is already a great way to produce protein, and we have developed technology that makes fish farming even cleaner. Our goal is to automate the sea stage of fish farming, which will genuinely impact sustainability and our future!

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About us

Probotic is a Norwegian technology company that focuses on underwater robotics to automate aquaculture. Since 2017 we have been working closely with multiple farmers to solve their biggest problems in the sea stage of farming. We have workshops and offices spread across Norway. We believe that data-driven solutions and automation that focus on sustainability will shape our world into a better place. We use underwater drones as a platform for inspection, cleaning, and data harvest. Using artificial intelligence like machine Learning on Neural Networks, we automate processes and make our technology self-learning. These are our steps towards a greener future.

Worker pulling a rope by a fish net pen.
Salmon filet on ice cubes.

How we make an impact

Why is it essential to automate aquaculture?
Aquatic farming has a low environmental impact compared to land-based farming and is one of the most sustainable protein sources. As the world's population grows, producing food with low impact in a more sustainable way becomes more crucial by the day. One aspect of this concern is emissions and environmental, thus it is also essential and our responsibility to ensure the fish welfare. Farmed salmon can live most of their lives in natural sceneries out in open waters, swimming around in pens; this can be a good life close to its natural way of life, and food that has had a good life matters to us. It should matter to you as well.

Come and visit us!

Come and say hi! And maybe have a cup of coffee or tea? Our offices and workshops are open for visits. *Maybe there are corona restrictions; if so, please call first :)

Narvik, NO

Teknologiveien 11
8517 Narvik

+47 45 199 150

Trondheim, NO

Havnegata 7
7010 Trondheim

+47 98 681 208

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