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January 18, 2023
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Probotic's AI Model for Net Hole Detection

Probotic's HOLE DETECTION system is now working!

Probotic Develops SAFE NET System to Enhance Salmon Farming Safety

Probotic has developed the SAFE NET system, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the safety and health of salmon farming. The system employs AI algorithms for daily monitoring and inspection of fish pen nets, aiming to prevent salmon escapes effectively.

AI-Based Hole Detection

Leveraging CVAT and YOLO algorithms, Probotic's AI model is trained to detect holes in fish pen nets accurately, offering a reliable alternative to manual inspections. This AI-driven approach enables continuous, efficient monitoring.

Daily Inspection Capabilities

The introduction of the SAFE NET system allows for daily inspections, significantly enhancing the current standard of less frequent manual checks. This advancement ensures prompt identification and resolution of potential issues.

Collaboration and Acknowledgments

The project, supported by The Fisheries and Aquaculture Industry's Research Funding (FHF) and in partnership with Ballangen Sjøfarm, highlights Probotic's commitment to sustainable salmon farming. The development and success of the technology also credit Machine Vision expert Lasse Sortland and the project's reference group.

A screenpicture form the last project meeting in our FHF project group.

Probotic continues to focus on innovative solutions for the sustainable future of the fish farming industry.

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