Tore Landsem

Hardware Developer

The builder! Leading our workshop and builds everything!

About me

Whatever we design, Tore builds it! Whenever not in his tidy work shop or pleasing his unbelievable combustion, Tore is found outdoors. Either building houses, hunting or fishing. But never not doing anything not useful. The builder, the worker, the useful! 

Tore Landsem’s experience

Tore is certified as a service technician in Medical equipment and holds a journeyman's certificate as a gunsmith. Ten years as a fine mechanic and prototype developer at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with great interest in nature, outdoor life, crafts, and technology, has given him broad technical insight and a remarkable ability to be creative at the intersection of many disciplines. Landsem masters the use of most manual machining and hand tools for mechanical production and woodworking. With the customer's focus and interdisciplinary collaboration in a multicultural society, he has become humble concerning others' competence, opinions, and culture.

  • So Cool
  • So calm
  • Always hungry
  • Honest

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Tore Landsem

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