Kjell Mikalsen

3D design engineer

Kjelltech! Designing and printing our ideeas in 3D.

About me

Having experienced a couple of lifetimes not only does Kjell have the looks but he also have the brains.

Kjell Mikalsen’s experience

Kjell is our 3D designer. He has participated in designing the structural designs of subsea templates, deck frames for platforms, rig-based equipment, top-and-downhole equipment for drilling systems, on-and offshore testing.

He has extencive experience developing heavy, mechanical equipment and structures for the mining industry.

Mikalsen is an excellent contribution to the team modeling idea visualizations, FEM analysis (static and fluid), shop drawings, etc.

(Soil thawing equipment, solar-based wafers, light sources, building layouts, quarry planning, etc.) In general, he knows his stuff!

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Kjell Mikalsen

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