Edny Beate Karlsen

Project manager

The Agile! Brings us together on common ground.

About me

Karlsen thrives on learning new stuff and is a skilled social person who smiles broadly at concerts and restaurants as much as when she's out paddling and climbing mountains. From the maritime headquarter in Harstad, Edny-Beate connects our project's long-term goals with the everyday small milestones.

Edny-Beate’s experience

Edny-Beate’s primary focus is establishing common ground, planning, and organizing on our projects.  She has an MSc in Communication Technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her expertice in digital communication and visualisation brings us valued experience with project management and agile product development.

  • Agile
  • Online project tools
  • Hard working
  • Connected

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Edny Beate Karlsen

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