The terms for pre-orders

Probotic AS (from now on «Probotic») has under development an autonomous underwater drone platform for inspecting and washing nets in fish farms (from now on «Probot»). The terms below apply to pre-booking of deliveries of Probot (from now on, "Pre-order"). By submitting a Pre-order, you confirm that you can commit your company (from now on, "Potential Customer") and agree to the terms below.

The purpose of A Pre-order is for Potential Customers to have priority on the production queue and for Probotic to identify scaling production capacity.
Fish pen robot cleaning
No obligation
Not an offer or an agreement to buy/rent. Pre-order is not an obligation for a Potential Customer to agree to purchase/rent Probot. Pre-order is also not an obligation for Probotic to offer a sale / rental agreement to a Potential Customer. Pre-order only indicates interest in entering into such a later agreement.
Fish Pen Net Inspection

In development
Please note that Probot is not currently commercially available, and the earliest forecast for expected commercialization is in 2023. Potential customers will, in the future, receive updates about the price for rent/purchase and expected delivery time and will be sent the precise terms that will apply to an agreement. Such information will be sent to the email address provided by the Potential Customer, and the Potential Customer agrees that such information may be sent from Probotic to the email address provided.

Information about the product, including but not limited to technical descriptions, price, and uncertain time of delivery, as stated in, for example, marketing material, presentations, and on the website, are therefore preliminary and may be changed. Final information will be described when Probotic opens for agreement.
The price for Pre-order is NOK 1,000 + VAT per reserved Probot.

Probotic will invoice the agreed amount, and the invoice will have 30 days due. The invoice must be paid within time to keep the reserved space in the queue.

The price for Probot: "drone-as-a-service" is not jet set. But our estimates as of now are around NOK 25,000 + VAT
This includes the functions A2-Inspect and A2-Clean. Keeping the nets clean and safe.

A underwater drone cleaning a fish pen net

*The pre-order fee of NOK 1000 for each Probot will be rebated on the first invoice after deliveries of the drones.

Turning back
Right to cancel Pre-order.
Both Potential Customer and Probotic may, for any reason, cancel the Pre-order at any time, without obligation or liability to the other party. If Pre-order is canceled, regardless of by whom, the pre-order fee paid will not be refunded.

Cancellations from Potential Customers are made via Probotic's website by using the Contact Us form. Cancellations from Probotic will be made to the email address Potential Customer has provided for correspondence with Probotic.

Choice of law and venue
This Agreement on Advance Reservation is subject to Norwegian law. Potential Customer agrees to Ofoten District Court as the exclusive venue for matters related to Pre-order.

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