Probotic Investment Opportunity
- Pioneers in robotic technology.
- Solid pre-sales(90); first commercial deal sealed.
- Our first robot is now operational with a client.

Investment Quick Glance:
- Ongoing share emission (Ends Dec 23).
- Existing investors engaged and signed.
- Shares on Offer: ~6,154.
- Price per Share: 650 NOK.
- Open Investment Slot: 4 million NOK.
- Potential Equity: ~8.54%.
- Post-money Valuation: 50 million NOK.

Our Ambition:
- Deploy more robots, focus on CLEAN NETS.
- Path to Profitability: Targeting breakeven once 50 robots are active. This includes bank & soft funding reliance for scaling and hiring.

Keen to Profit with Probotics?
Connect with us for a deeper dive into this venture.

Probotic - Clean Nets!

Solving a big problem

The core of our solution results in better production numbers for our clients. Clean fish pens is essential for Clean Aquaculture.


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