An autonomous underwater drone.


Probotic's first drone is getting close to launch. The first truly autonomous underwater drone platform for the fish farming industry.

Optimize your future fish farming with cutting-edge underwater technology. Your time is valuable, so let us take care of the operations you rather not want to do; so you can concentrate on optimizing production and produce more and healthier fish.

The Probot platform enables your farms to have less stuff in your farms, less manual operations, cut expenses, lower emissions, have more and better control, and truly more sustainable farming.

Self-learning AI

AI-powered autonomous steering and detection system that constantly gets improved. All drones gather data that upgrade the system on every single drone.

Robust materials

How often do you see carbon fiber and titan on equipment for fish farms? On Probot, you get it. Only the most robust and lightweight materials are used.


The system is fully set up with OTA updates, and will effortlessly improve its capabilities automatically. This means you will get a better and better product as time goes by.

Live data

Data is transmitted live and can be displayed in real-time for daily use. This means you can even use it to optimize feeding and extra control on everything that's going on underwater

Advanced security standards

Security is crucial. We use encrypted dataflows that run on industry leader platforms like AWS, backed by our servers.

Worldwide access

Log in anywhere in the world and se that your farm is doing fine. Webapp can be reached both from desktop and mobile.