December 20, 2021
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Probotic granted 6 million in Research grant

The Norwegian research council grants Probotic 6 million kroner to develop autonomous net cleaner.

Today's method for cleaning fish nets is a challenge for the fish farming industry on several levels. For both environment, fish health, and resources. The systems are still partly manually operated, using water pressure which causes the biofilm to release from the net. Then the biofilm is flushed directly into the net and causes a bad environment for food production. Probotic will develop an autonomous drone for cleaning fish farm nets. The drone control and report the netconditions autonomously, and it hinders the creation of biofilm on the fish-nets by continuously cleaning. The drones are only paused by battery-charging or sent home by the operator if inspection or work is needed in other places in the farms or other crucial operations like delizing or net-changing. Resulting in cleaner food production and directly reducing climate emissions. And at the same time, it ensures better animal welfare and reduces operational costs.

So Happy!

The Norwegian research council grants Probotic 6 million kroners for the development of autonomous net cleaner. This is a statement of our level of work and we truly lock forward to work on this project.

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