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November 22, 2021
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New team-member from Cambridge!

Probotic acquires cutting-edge expertise from Cambridge!

Probotic acquires cutting-edge expertise from Cambridge!

Probotic AS develops autonomous drones for the aquaculture industry using artificial intelligence for inspecting and cleaning fish pen-nets automatically.

Illustrating the detection system

We have acquired cutting-edge expertise in AI programming from Cambridge to strengthen the team.
Lasse Falch Sortland is now employed as a Software Engineer at Probotic’s Trondheim department. He holds a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Essex. He currently lives in Cambridge but will soon migrate North to join us in Trondheim. Lasse has experience with autonomous vehicles and AI development life cycle on embedded devices, from data collection to model deployment.
CEO Mikkel Pedersen is happy to have Lasse on the team;
«Lasse brings with him essential expertise to our Software department. We will continue to build our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine vision. There were many qualified applicants with a broad international background. We are super excited that Lasse is now part of our team at Probotic and shares our vision for making tech for a cleaner future.”

Lasse Sortland - Probotic - Clean Aquaculture

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