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October 20, 2022
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New electronic engineer MIL-SPECS Probotic!

Håvard was employed as an electronics engineer in Probotic

Probotic AS develops autonomous drones for the aquaculture industry using artificial intelligence to automatically inspect and clean fish pen nets. Håvard Jakobsen joined the Probotic team this autumn.

Håvard has a B.Sc. in industrial electronics from UiT, and has worked in the Norwegian Defence with communication equipment board repair and testing and developed military vehicle upgrades of various sorts. Håvard was looking for a new opportunity and, more specifically, a unique opportunity in a smaller company or startup. As Håvard himself put it: "Around that time, the job announcement from Probotic was published; it was undoubtedly the most fitting and interesting for me."

And Probotic found him very interesting as well - his background, experience, and personality were a perfect match for Probotic.

CEO of Probotic Mikkel Pedersen says: "When Håvard explained how he 3D printed his own 3D printer, I understood Håvard had exceptional skills and needed to be a part of the Probotic team! After the first few months, Håvard is now a valued team member, contributing to an excellent environment and adding a lot of speed to our development. Now we are transitioning from off-the-shelf prototype electronics to more robust and function-specific electronics, and Håvard leads this development like a champ."

Håvard was employed as an electronics engineer in Probotic. He is responsible for the electronics in the system's hardware architecture - Håvard does design, specification, schematic, PCB layout, and documentation and helps in the workshop.

We asked Håvard what he found the most interesting about working at Probotic:

"The variety in tasks is rewarding for me. From going out to sea in perfect summer weather one day to working hands-on in our workshop or doing design work, the next makes time fly! We recently visited Lovund during the "Lovund Days," which was perhaps the highlight so far. "

Håvard Jakobsen - Probotic - Clean Aquaculture

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