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March 24, 2023
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Revolutionizing Fish Farming: Probotic's AI Model for Net Hole Detection Exceeds Expectations

Revolutionizing the Fish Farming Industry with AI and Automation: Probotic's HOLE DETECTION system is working

Revolutionizing the Fish Farming Industry with AI and Automation

We're excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey to promote safer and healthier salmon farming. After years of research and development, we're proud to present our HOLE DETECTION system; using an AI detection algorithm, we aim to revolutionize the salmon farming industry entirely. When the system runs on our autonomous robot for fish pens, the nets can be controlled daily, and we achieve a new level of control and ultimately prevent salmon escapes.

AI-Based Hole Detection System

Our team has been working diligently with tools such as CVAT and YOLO algorithms to train and develop an AI model that can accurately detect holes in fish pen nets. After extensive testing, we're confident this system is as good as or better than a human inspector. AI has the benefit that it can be run constantly and perform tirelessly through the clock, enabling an entirely new approach to how we perform pen-net inspections.

The inspection method will provide more reliable inspections of fish pen nets, and better documentation, promoting our goal of safer and healthier salmon farming. This system can be a game changer for the salmon farming industry, and we can't wait to implement it and help prevent escaped salmon.

Picture from our robot performing an net inspection

Enabling Daily Inspections

The AI will enable our robot to perform daily inspections in a game-changing way.

With our Probot system, we will be able to inspect fish pen nets every day, ensuring that any potential issues are addressed promptly. This level of daily monitoring is a significant improvement over the current industry standard, which relies on monthly or less frequent manual inspections.

Our Probot system, with its autonomous underwater robotics and AI services, allows us to perform operations and services in an automated manner, bringing the industry many steps forward.

With our hole detection system, we can concentrate human efforts on more valuable jobs. And let robots do the tedious, repetitive tasks.

Picture show the interface, where a message will be displayed/sent when the system finds a hole. The message will also state how big the hole is, which cage and also the position of the hole in the cage. An image of the identified hole will also be displayed

Our Mission

At Probotic, we aim to promote a sustainable future through safe and healthy salmon farming. We're committed to making salmon farming safer, healthy, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

We believe that by implementing cutting-edge technology like AI and automation in production, we can help ensure the long-term sustainability of the fish farming industry while promoting the safe and healthy production of salmon for consumers around the world.

A screenpicture form the last project meeting in our FHF project group.

Backed by the industry and funded by FHF

The implementation of the AI technology was made possible by a project funded by The Fisheries and Aquaculture Industry's Research Funding (FHF) in partnership with Ballangen Sjøfarm. Probotic team expresses gratitude to all partners and a special thanks to our Machine Vision expert; Lasse Sortland making the technology work.

We're proud to announce this project as successful and thanks the committed reference group consisting of dedicated salmon farmers. The project aimed to develop the technology foundation for an autonomous net inspection system, and now it’s happening.

At Probotic, we promote a sustainable future for the fish farming industry through innovation and collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates on our latest AI and automation technology developments.

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