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August 19, 2022
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Fish farmers bet on Probotic! 

‍Industry investors join in a new share issue and bost the final stage before commercialization.

The industry investors Olaisen Blue (Nova Sea) and Balteskard (Northern Light Salmon) invest in Probotic.

"Getting this forward-leaning fish farmers onboard as investors is a game-changer! This will, without doubt, help us to the next level. No one knows the needs of the customers better than the customers themselves! Today's farming in open cages has developed mostly in recent years only by scaleup and making everything bigger. It's still a lot to optimate in every process. Automation is especially lagging in the sea stage, and that's just our mission! » says CEO and entrepreneur Mikkel Pedersen.

Foto: Mikkel Pedersen, CEO Probotic. From Oceanology International, London.

In addition to new investors, the existing owner, CoFounder, is also included in this capital raise.

We see great potential in Probotic's technology and, not least, the team behind it. We are happy with the company's progress since we first invested in the company in 2020, says Chairman partner of CoFounder Sven J. Kolsto.
Foto: Sven Kolsto, CoFounder.

Olaisen blue

Probotic is also one of three companies participating in the first round of the investment company Olaisen Blue's accelerator program. Through 3 months at Lovund, the entrepreneurs will test the technology at Nova sea locations. 

Foto: Lovund
"Probotic solves a real problem related to the aquaculture industry. This, combined with the right competence and technology approach, means that we have great faith in Probotic and the team behind » says Stine, General manager at Olaisen Blue AS
Foto: Stine Svanevik, CEO Olaisen Blue

Full-scale testing

We are now concentrating our work on several full-scale pilots where we work on optimizing the technology. The pilot drones are mounted out at the farms to autonomously inspect and clean the pens. The focus is all about making our drone as robust as possible now; it should be able to handle much different stuff in the pens, like seaweed, ropes, cleaner fish, lights, hoses, variable currents, waves, and A LOT of fish. -We mean the key for our concept is robust, robust, robust! That's what it's all about."
Foto: Lasse Sortland, Remotely stearing one of the prototypes up in Norway from London.

Probotic is developing autonomous drones for inspection and cleaning fish pen nets. Since 2019 the technology has been developed closely with several pilot customers such as Ballangen Sjofarm and Cermaq Norway. The first full-scale pilots are now ongoing across the coast of Norway.

Foto: From one of the piloting fish pens.

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